"Hearing God Speak" 

Please NOTE;  Spanish translation of Book, at the press:
"Oyendo a Dios Hablar" by December 2015
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"Hearing God Speak"

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Comment from Readers:
Hello Ms. Hatcher my name is Diane Orr. I apologize the attachment didn't open. I can't get it to stay open. Im very new to the internet. Regardless, it was to let u know how much I enjoyed your book Hearing God Speak. I read your book in two days as it was inspiring. You help me see more clearly the majestic work of the Holy Spirit and for that I am truely grateful. I read my bible daily seeking the Lords will for me. Your book gave me a better understanding of our Heavenly father, our savior Jesus and how the Holy Spirit counsels us. Just today I was amazed how Matthew 5 and Galations 5 coincide for better knowledge of His Word. The Beattitudes and the Fruits of the Spirit. 
My favorite stories were  the frog and the snake, you blowing out that lightbulb, and your Mama being Annie Oakley!  You did a great job sharing vividly. I admire how described how the Lord truely lives in us. Thank you. 
My father Robert Rosales shared the book with me. He is my angel on earth! I met you  at Audie and Hilda's wedding. Praying for them...
Again, thank you for sharing your journey as I am now refreshed in my own. All to His Glory. 

This is the best book I have read, next to the Bible.  Vera

From Sister Wilson:  I thoroughly enjoy your book, "Hearing God Speak."  It was so interesting.

I ordered five of your books to give them to my faithful Bible Study members, but once we saw the book, we had to order more.  Pam, in Alabama. 
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